About Us

A collective purpose.

When our good friend Laura was diagnosed with brain cancer, we learned first hand what friends do when our loved ones need us most. We surround each other and rally passionately behind a collective purpose.

Many people want to help in times like these, but don’t know how. That’s where our company can help. We’re dedicated to helping people support their friends and loved ones when they need it most. It’s just what friends do.

Meet the team

        Aimee Kandrac    
Aimee Kandrac
Founder and CEO

Aimee often suggests planting a tree or perennial bulbs in memory of a friend or to celebrate a milestone. Each year when the flowers bloom, it’s a warm reminder of a special memory. "After a tragic event, life goes on for most of us. Giving a gift like that is a nice way to let your friend know their loved one will never be forgotten.       

        Jen DeMotte    
Jen DeMotte
Director of Customer Experience

As a caregiver for a special needs child herself, Jen understands the challenges faced by families and caregivers going through a life-changing event.  "I love the ease of setting up a team on WhatFriendsDo and having that team ready at a moment’s notice.  I know many families with chronically ill children who are in and out of the hospital.  Having a team set up and ready for unexpected hospital visits where families can communicate what’s happening, set-up meals, organize household needs, and care for the rest of the family all in one spot is an invaluable resource!"

        Alkis Marangos    
Alkis Marangos
Director of Strategic Marketing and Analytics

As our analytics expert, the last thing Alkis wants to analyze is how to help a friend in need. He''s a dog lover, so his first thought is to see if a friend needs help caring for his or her dog. If that’s not an option, he’ll look for a gift they’ve put on their help registry, which takes very little thinking but is sure to be a hit with his friend.


How we started.

Laura Crawley, a long-time family friend of the founders of WhatFriendsDo, lost her battle with brain cancer 10 years ago. WhatFriendsDo was inspired by the friends and family who wrapped their arms around Laura when she needed it the most. Dubbing themselves "Laura’s Team," the group of supporters removed many of the day-to-day burdens that seem trivial in the face of a life-changing event. Laura’s Team also felt a sense of joy from being the support system that the Crawleys desperately needed. Sharing with others what we did to spread cheer, encourage Laura, and organize a team of supporters evolved into the company we have today.

WhatFriendsDo was started by Fran, Aimee, and Stephanie Kandrac, a family blessed by incredible friends who made much of this site possible. Through the challenges and joys in our own lives, our friends have constantly been by our sides. The ways they helped us, both large and small, always amazed us. We try to give others that same support system because that's just "what friends do."