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Go "out on a limb".

It's Out on a Limb Day. Does your friend have tree limbs that need to be trimmed? Grab your yard tools and ask your friend if she would like to supervise while you trim branches you can reach. Bring along some other friends so cleanup will be even easier. #WhatFriendsDo

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Remember dietary restrictions.

Remember dietary restrictions. Check WhatFriendsDo team page for likes, dislikes, allergies, and for meal schedule

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Pull some weeds.

By this time of summer, most gardens have a bumper crop of weeds. On Wild and Wacky Weeds Day, be a great friend and spend an hour pulling weeds it will make your friend feel great to see a tidy flower bed again. This is a good day to use your Calendar to organize a group of friends if there is a lot of yard work to be done. #WhatFriendsDo

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"It's stressful for me to plan a homemade meal so WhatFriendDo's idea to take a breakfast basket was just my speed. I delivered a basket of bagels, fresh fruit, homemade muffins, coffee and orange juice. I felt really good about it and my friends loved it. "

Amy G. Houston, TX

"My husband loves video games so my WhatFriendsDo personal concierge suggested setting up times for friends to come play with him. This idea was a big hit and it really helped pass the time of a long in-home recovery."

Jamie E. Ann Arbor, MI

"To celebrate my friend coming home from the hospital, WhatFriendsDo suggested we line the streets with friends holding up signs of love and support. I cannot describe the feeling of seeing these on our path home and of course, she felt like a celebrity."

Stephanie B. Indianapolis, IN